Best Selling New 2012 Thriller Book

Best Seller New 2012 Thriller Novel


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"To live forever,'s not human."


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Press Release, Roswell, New Mexico, USA January 31, 2011 -- Best Seller Thriller, Best Selling Thriller E-Book


"Action-packed 2012 best selling thriller novel rivals The Matrix, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and Avatar." One man must battle a monstrous worldwide Shadow Government conspiracy, across a stunning scifi landscape." 
~New Mexico Mangazine

A 2012 BEST SELLER Thriller Book, "BLOCKBUSTER THRILLER...Shadow-Governments and Conspiracies to offend, terrify, or elate everyone. No political or religious System left unscathed...frightening secrets of how the World really works!" Coast Book Reviews, August, 2010


New best seller thriller book. New best selling thriller novel.

2012 Best Seller Thriller Novel"...destined to be a screenplay and a ginormous blockbuster on the big screen, Jack Vane will become a household name for story connoisseurs, and loved by all fans of Jeffrey Friedberg." Review by Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

2012 Best Selling Thriller Book " small feat...Indian magic & mayhem...Jack can put up with anything except not being ready...determined to "make this planet into something better....How far from Philly can you get?"

Masterful, Exceptional, and Thought Provoking...It is cliche to say things like `page turner' and `I could not put this book down', however it is in fact true. I did in fact read it cover to cover in a single sitting....The quality of the writing is truly exceptional, the character development is masterful, and the subject matter startlingly thought provoking.

Blending a noir mystery with a biblical thriller, Jeffrey A. Friedberg draws upon his own experiences to bring readers quite the story. --Midwest Book Review


I absolutely loved this book...I was astounded at how quickly and intensely I was drawn into this story. The author's blend of genres (also adding suspense and paranormal thriller) was honestly brilliant. --Micki Grover Critiques

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2012 Best Seller Thriller Book "I couldn't get enough of the action---like I was on a roller coaster, and I didn't want to put the damn thing down! Friedberg makes Indiana Jones look like child's play. " --Jenny Nathan Reviews"

2012 Best Selling Thriller Novel "...Hitler, Roswell, Mayan prophecies and stories from ancient times come to life...such 2012 twists, turns, surprises and suspense that the reader will not want to stop reading!"--Fran Lewis, Book Pleasures





Lost Relic Of The Gods 2012, available on Amazon:






Chapter 3                                        


The open window behind me was deep as a mineshaft. Charmant jammed me from the front, stepped in on me, and said, “Now you will listen to me, Mr. Vane. And you will cooperate.”

I started to say something, but decided to keep my mouth shut for a change.

She stared at me, her face tight. Her voice was tight. “Mr. Vane. This is New Mexico.”

“What else is hot, baby?”

“You have heard of the famous Roswell Incident, correct?”

“You got me down here for that aliens crap?”

“No, not aliens, Mr. Vane. Roswell was something worse than aliens.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Look, Jack, make me something fresh, because what you’re serving is boring—so dump it.”

“I told you, baby, I get to know the whole story. Everything, or I walk. I’m a detective, I need information. I don’t go bareback anywhere, not for anything. And I get paid in advance.”

Nick jumped up, “Chrissakes, Jack…”

Charmant said, “No, it’s all right, Nicky.”


She sucked right up to Nick. She was a chameleon. That was OK, because I’m a damn Gila monster. I’d wait. Everyone has a weakness, even her. I’d find it. Then I’d reveal it. And eat her for lunch.

Good, Neo. Adaptation. Improvisation. But your technique is not your weakness.

My weakness….

She was talking to me. “Mr. Vane, this all began in 1945, at the end of World War II.”

“I need a lot more than that.” I took my Ray-Bans out, like I was thinking of leaving. I love putting pressure on people who hold out on me. I love being a thug. I need to know everything. I can’t stand to not know something. I need to be ready. It’s a sickness.

“Wait, Mr. Vane.”

I said, “OK. It was 1945. And?”

“And, that’s when the U.S. Government impounded Nazi scientists and their equipment—war criminals and their super-weapons. They were brought over here in something called Operation Paper Clip. The scientific haul was much grander than has ever been made public, Mr. Vane.”

“I’m listening.”

“All right. You see, by 1944, the Nazis had developed a particular super-weapon. It was a twin-jet fighter-bomber, invisible to radar. The Horten GO-229 was a flying wing, boomerang-shaped, like a modern B-2 bomber. You know—the one that looks like the bat plane. It was made of composites and special rubber paint that absorbed radar. Invisible. This was 1944, lost knowledge that wasn’t rediscovered until the 1980’s.”

“And you’re going to tell me that some renegade James Bond evil scientist has gotten hold of some Nazi super-weapon, wants to rule the world with it, and you expect me to blow it up because I was a demo’ man in Nam? Or—what—you want me to blow him up? Is that what you expect for all that money, baby?”

“No, Mr. Vane. I expect you to shut up and listen to me.” Her thin nostrils pinched white. “Two years after the war ended, early 1947, the U.S. Government was actually operating—flying—these captured secret Luftwaffe warplanes. The incarcerated pilots, SS war criminals, had been members of a Nazi ‘ghost unit’ so secret it only became known to Allied Intelligence after the war. Luftwaffe Wing 500, the most privileged and knowledgeable of the SS. They knew the secrets of everything—where everything was, and how it all worked. They knew everything possible regarding worldwide communist activity and its leaders.

“But here’s the punch line, Jack: after the war, the Wing 500 network of war criminals still existed. Illegally. It was still all in place, long after World War II had actually ended. And, Jack— the U.S. Government was running it.”

“You mean it continued as a post-war black op’?”

“Yes. It was totally clandestine. Classified, ‘Beyond Top Secret.’ The original Nazi SS flyers were still piloting the Horten bombers, but now secretly for the U.S.”

“How do you know this?”

“It’s well-documented. We have it all.”

“And when do I see the documentation? I have to see it. I need facts, I told you.…”

Her hand flew up like a dagger, “Wait, Jack! Hear me out. And then we’ll talk. You see, back in 1947, the CIA was actually using these war criminal pilots on covert missions all over the world. It was real Cold War spy-and-die stuff.  These SS war criminals were never punished. In 1947, they just went right on flying their invisible Hortens into battle against the Russians. This was done exclusively, and illegally, for the USA.”

“Stop it, baby. I’m asking you again. What documentation? You ignored me. You have to show me, not tell me. You’re almost starting to make me angry.”

“Of course Mr. Vane. The records can be made available to you. But listen to me first. Regarding this incident under discussion…”

“Which incident? You’re all over the damn board.”

“This Roswell incident. Just let me get all the rest of it out in front of you first.”

“The aliens?”

“You’re thinking of July 2, 1947, Jack. There were no aliens. Not on that night in question. You see, these same SS war criminal pilots had been on their way back to Roswell’s Walker Air Force Base for debriefing by the CIA. Walker was the original Area 51, and was where they hid the secret Horten bombers and the outlaw Nazi pilots. This was after a covert mission into the Soviet Union.

“There was a thunderstorm and the two planes collided. They crashed and burned in a rancher’s field. So, you see, the two Horten flying wings were actually the so-called Roswell incident. I’m telling you this because you need to believe those two planes existed. You need to accept they were engaged in clandestine activities and crashed, because I have a lot more to tell you.”

“Yeah, well it makes no sense, baby. You’re saying these were Nazi super-weapons and pilots, but there were witnesses. There was a crashed UFO and little gray men. Dead little gray guys.”

“It was a cover-up, Jack. The incinerated pilots fused with their rubber flight suits and helmets, that’s all. There’s your little gray guys.

“But, you see, back in 1947 the U.S. Government lied about something more shattering than any crashed UFO. The USA used those Nazi war criminals to break international law. It committed crimes against Humanity. The U.S. was no longer the torchbearer of morality. The U.S. gave up its humanity. It became a war criminal.”

“What the hell are you talking about, baby?”

“Jack, don’t play the clown with me. I know you have a Master’s, and you’re not as stupid as you look. You ask what these words mean? America had co-opted and utilized all of that outlawed Nazi knowledge I just told you about. All the clandestine ops’ of the war, and Wing 500’s high-altitude biological experiments. These were the infamous, so-called ‘medical’ experiments, on captured Americans, Jews, and Russians. They were used as live guinea pigs, to further Nazi conquest of the air. Atrocities!”

“Know what, baby? You tell a sweet story—lots of icy drama. You sprinkle a few facts like jimmies, you promise me a taste, but you don’t deliver. I don’t see my involvement here without proof of fact. You’d better put out soon, or I’m going home.”

I love to squeeze the facts out of them. I love to apply pressure on them. I love to be irritating and crude. I entertain the crap out of me. I slay me. I love being a wiseass and a thug. It’s my main fun in life. I need to know everything, not just what they want to feed me. I want it all, or I don’t play. I need facts. That—and pay me.

Or I get angry.

I slipped on my Ray-Bans like I was leaving.

“Jack, wait. You’ve got a responsibility here. These Cold War instrumentalities still exist, and are very powerful. I have an interest here. Secrets. Won’t you please help me?”

The magic words: “please help me.” Shit finds me. I’m a shit magnet….

I said almost gently, “Prove this is true and maybe I’ll help you. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but it’s getting narrow in here. For the sake of this conversation and Nick’s billable hours, tell me where is this danger to the USA in the present day? How do these past events threaten the USA today? Go ahead, make your case.”

“My real interest here is what was transported back from Russia that night, in 1947. The cargo is my problem. And it is a major, major problem, Jack. That night, the Horton pilots had brought a mysterious object out of Russia. An ancient relic.”

She stopped. Her lips moved silently, and I thought she said something under her breath.

I said, “What was so special about this…relic?”

Her eyes got wide and shiny. “It can be a thing of immense good, or stunning evil. Depending on who possesses it. The relic can be used to control certain things—scientific processes. Hitler tried to take it with him into death; he thought it could bring him back.”

“This is crazy.”

She stiffened. Her eyes went dark and hard. “Why would I tell you all this if it was a joke. The artifact is a limitless reservoir of vast impersonal power. But it is dangerously influenced by the character and nature of its owner, the person it matches up to. Together—the person and the artifact—they have capabilities beyond comprehension. Depending upon who owns this mechanism, it could mean limitless, clean energy to save the world. Or it could destroy the world.”

“Wait a minute. You just called it a mechanism. You said before that it was an ancient relic, not a mechanism.”

“The relic was made by the Sumerians 5000 years ago, but it’s still a scientific mechanism.” She talked fast, “It’s a solid gold bowl the size of a basketball. It’s covered with mysterious glyphs and symbols. It does things. Strange things. Impossible things. We think the markings are mathematical formulae. Or some kind of engraved circuits. Or both combined. A mechanism. The mathematics were….”

I cut her off, “So, you plug this thing in and it conquers the world?” Pressure her.

 “No, Jack, it’s more complicated than that. This is another kind of science. Unknown science. Lost science. I told you. We think the mathematical markings bond circuitry of some kind.”

I just stared at her.

“Jack, the Testament of Solomon describes how King Solomon used an ancient relic to command legions of ‘demons’ to construct his temple. Or were the ‘demons’ really advanced machines? It’s written that Solomon moved 400-ton blocks onto a mountaintop with an ancient relic. The blocks are still up there on Mount Moriah. They came from Baruch Quarry, miles away.”

“How was it done?”

“They were moved with science, not magic. With the relic, we think. Any sufficiently advanced science appears as magic to a sufficiently primitive society. I mean—King Solomon would think your TV is magic. Is it?”

“Why are you really interested in this object? As an antiquity? For the gold content? Or, do you hope it’ll make you the first chick world dictator.”

“OK. Bottom line—the relic can control unseen forces that run the universe. Electricity, gravity, heat, magnetics—who knows what else? Quantum physics is as spooky as it gets. At that level, ‘The rules of reality don’t apply.’ Einstein said that, not me. I don’t know how the bowl works. It’s lost knowledge, Jack. Lost science. We’re just now rediscovering it. Did you know Einstein stated that with the right math he could ‘read the mind of God?’ Well, Einstein never solved that equation.

“But we think the Sumerians actually did solve it. 5000 years ago. That’s what we’re talking about here. They read the mind of God.”

It scared me. I said, “Impossible.”

“Why? It’s just math. I need you, Jack. Help me.”

The magic words, I need you…help me. I’m a shit magnet….

“What do you need me for? Why?”

“I didn’t make this point to you yet, Jack. The relic wasn’t in the wreckage. Somebody else got there first.” Her hands knotted together. “And now the relic is lost. Will you please take the assignment?”

My head pounded. “Where is this thing you want stolen?”

“You won’t have to steal it when the time comes, Jack. You only have to help us find it.”

“Exactly who is ‘us’?”

“As high up as you can go, Jack.”

“I need to know how high. I have a license to protect. Liability, criminal charges, my freedom. How high is ‘high up’?”

She pointed her chin at me like a drill and bit off her words.  “Read my lips, Jack: The; highest; Level. You see, we began a long time ago. We’ve held power for over 2000 years. You see, we know everything. We know exactly how the world works and who to call. After two millennia, you might say we have roots. We’re the gentry, the old money.

“We are the real power, Jack. We are the hidden, permanent government of this planet.”



The Best Seller, Best Selling New Thriller E-Book 

Lost Relic Of The Gods 2012, available on Amazon:



Best Selling New 2012 Thriller Book

Best Seller New 2012 Thriller Novel



New best seller thriller books. New best selling thriller novels.

Author Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

Ex Private Eye

Holder Of The Rare, Masonic, 32nd Degree: a "Sublime Prince Of The Royal Secret"

"The Templars are real....and we know who they are, and their secrets...."

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